Acupuncture is also an excellent way to reduce the hormones produced by stress and anxiety which can inhibit fertility. By encouraging the release of serotonin and endorphins, the body's own 'feel good' neurotransmitters, acupuncture can bring an essential element of calm and tranquility to the process of becoming pregnant.

For the maximum chance of conception it is very important for a woman to understand and recognise the changes that occur in her menstrual cycle. Part of Ann's fertility 'programme' is to teach you how to recognise these changes, and also to discuss with you dietary and lifestyle changes that could help improve your chances of conception.

It has now been shown that up to 30-50% of fertility problems are directly associated with the male partner. The use of acupuncture, along with dietary and lifestyle advice, may help to improve the quality and quantity of sperm and the overall quality of the semen (see research above). This in turn increases the chances of a healthy and viable embryo.

In some cases it is best to treat both the man and the woman, at the same time, especially if the couple are actively trying to conceive.

Acupuncture programmes are available either alone, or in conjunction with your conventional treatment.


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