What is Offered

Caring for Me can now offer up to six free treatments for anyone who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer or has recently received treatment. The timing of the therapy sessions is flexible to fit in with your needs and some are available for children, young people and their parents. 

The Therapies available

At present the charity can offer the following therapies.





Aromatherapy Massage

Deep relaxation with awareness and visualisation  (Yoga Nidra)

All the therapists are experienced, fully qualified and insured. They are also registered with their own professional bodies.


For more information and to request a simple application form for you and your GP/consultant to complete please ring Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre : 01394 388234



'Caring for Me' ask that everyone who uses the service to make a donation whenever possible, as this means they are able to support more people in the future and maintain the service.

If you would be interested in fund-raising on their behalf please contact Corinne on: 07921146751,

email: corinne.peacock@btinternet.com

Thank You for Your Support

Caring for Me Charity

Terri and her mum Corinne set up the local Suffolk charity 'Caring for Me'  to help support people who are living through the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The charity offers free complementary health care sessions.

'Caring for Me' was launched by Terri and her mum Corinne following her diagnosis with cancer in May 2009 at just 18 years of age.

​Terri and her family found that the support they received from counselling and complementary therapies was invaluable in helping them through this very difficult time, and felt passionate that this was something that should be available to others going through similar circumstances.

They wanted to find a way to make the sessions free, easily accessible and away from the hospital setting.

Working in partnership with Cancer Campaign in Suffolk (Reg. charity no. 1073241) and Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre the service became available in November 2009.