Acupressure can be used very effectively in labour and allows the woman and birth-partner to work very closely together to enhance the birthing experience.

The techniques used are simple to learn and can be used at home, in a birthing centre or in a hospital environment. They can be used when mother is in a variety of positions, even if she is in a birthing pool.


They can also be used alongside conventional treatment and pain relief.

Acupressure in Labour

This video gives a brief introduction to the techniques used, and experiences of couples who have used acupressure during labour.

It is useful to go through the techniques, their application and the location of the acupressure points with Ann  well ahead of your expected time of delivery. This will increase your confidence in using the points as well as giving you time to practise the techniques, and get feedback from Ann before your baby comes.

Contact Ann if you would like any advice, teaching or assistance.